McGehee Catfish Restaurant - Specializing in Farm Raised Catfish!
of the McGehee Catfish Farm and Restaurant In the mid 1960s, after many years of successful conventional farming (pecans, alfalfa hay and cattle) we began to look for another revenue source that was stable and would minimize the risk factors of the others. Catfish farming was in vogue at the time, and after quite a bit of reading and research, we started our business with a seven acre main pond and several smaller breeder ponds.

Realizing the need for a market for our crop, we opened a "Fish-Out" pond for the local anglers. Word soon spread about the fantastic percentage of catch, which attracted fishermen from several states. Business boomed! But even with the revenue from the fish-out pond, we had trouble covering the cost of running our breeder ponds.

A friend told us of a catfish restaurant in Texas that was an outgrowth of a catfish farm similar to ours. At first, we were skeptical, but we visited the restaurant. The difference in taste between domestic farm-raised catfish and wild fish was remarkable! That sold us on the idea then and there.

We came back to open the finest catfish restaurant in Southern Oklahoma. With the help of a carpenter cousin, we built the restaurant ourselves and served our first customer on July 1, 1972.

Thanks to valued customers like you, we have grown to double our original seating capacity and we've developed a reputation as the finest restaurant of our kind in the region in the 27 years that we have been in business. We invite you to dine with us, and encourage you to consider us for your next business or social event!

Rudolph and Enid McGehee


"Catfish is Our Specialty"
Farm Fresh, Dressed Daily

Catfish Dinner
(All You Can Eat) - $13.00
Grilled Catfish - $12.00
U.S.D.A. Choice Steaks:
T-Bone (14 oz.) - $17.25
Rib Eye (10 oz.) - $17.50
Steaks are served with green salad, french fries, and thick toast
Side Salad - $4.50
Platter Salad - $5.50


Fish Sandwich - $6.10
Hamburger - $6.25
Cheeseburger - $6.75
Grill Cheese - $4.75
French Fries - $1.95


Hot Cherry Tart - $2.75
Plain Cheesecake - $3.00
Cherry Cheesecake - $3.25
Turtle Cheesecake - $4.95
Coconut Pie - $4.50
Chocolate Pie - $4.50
Lemon Pie - $4.50

Drinks: $1.70

Our Serving Days / Hours:

Open Thursday - Sunday
Starting the first week in
April thru the last week in October
Closed Wednesdays, Year a round

Weekdays 5 PM to 8:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday
1 PM to 8:30 PM
Closed Wednesdays, Year a round

PHONE: (580) 276-2751

Marietta, OK 73448

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