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See how you can join the CSC organization. Contract with CSC for your own Branch area, and have a profitable business with a CSC Protected Area Contract.
Learn how you can profit by joining the CSC team. First, click on the BUSINESS BENEFITS AND PROFITS, button on this page and read the information, then, click on PROTECTED AREA CONTRACTS, Then, click on VIEW PACKET. You may contact us by phone at 580-695-6433 or by email at pacontracts@yahoo.com


to the Consumer Saver’s Club Web site.  Here you will find ways to save,  profit and subscribe for the CSC discount SMART CARD.  Hope you enjoy browsing our site.

In 1995 Mr. Ben Fox started the Consumer Saver’s Club in his home town of Lawton, Oklahoma.  Following much research and deliberation He was able to formulate a discount card and programs that would benefit both consumers and businesses.
Mr. Fox’s ideas lead him to develop the CSC Discount “SMART CARD” which is now distributed and used in hundreds of cities in Oklahoma and Texas.  It is the goal of the Consumer Savers Club to expand the benefits to the entire United States area.
  We invite you to invest a little time exploring the different opportunities for you as an individual and or for your business.  You are welcome to download forms or other helpful portions of this web page.

We hope you have many happy returns in savings and profits with your discount CSC “SMART CARD”.